• Sure, the game is still 33 years away from being officially released, but we already think this is the best Madden cover yet. It brings new meaning to the term “aging veteran,” a tired and dying cliché.
  • Colts owner Jim Irsay thinks Peyton Manning‘s new contract should be completed quickly. But he also said that under the new cap there’s only so much salary real estate one player can occupy, even if that player is a future Hall of Fame quarterback.
  • Ray Edwards doesn’t like Roger Goodell. Edwards kept busy during the lockout by boxing and getting challenged by Kimbo Slice, so holding back his words isn’t something that comes naturally.
  • Ahmad Bradshaw is among the top running backs available in free agency. He told a Miami radio station that he’ll give the Giants the first opportunity, but he’ll be “happy to go anywhere else.”
  • It feels so good to finally be sifting through major news that will have an impact on actual football games for this post. For a while I feared I had lost the ability to know what that kind of news looks like. The Broncos will be shopping Kyle Orton today, meaning Tim Tebow will officially and finally be the starter in Denver if a trade is completed. Is that big news?
  • The axing of veterans–or at least veterans being told they will be axed before the official move is made on Thursday–began last night, and the Ravens wasted little time. The Broncos informed Correll Buckhalter that his services are no longer needed, and the National Football Post speculates that Denver could be making room for a run at DeAngelo Williams.
  • Too bad Williams wants to stay in Carolina.
  • The Bears aren’t expected to make a splash similar to their signing of Julius Peppers last offseason. But Jason Babin could look pretty, pretty good rushing the quarterback alongside Peppers.
  • In his press conference following the end of the lockout, Steelers president Art Rooney didn’t have much to say about James Harrison and the possibility of discipline for his comments. But he did say that he’ll be speaking with Goodell sometime in the near future, a conversation that may start the process of tossing out punishment for players who said/did stupid things during the lockout.

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