Nnamdi Asomugha and Darrelle Revis, widely considered to be the two best cornerbacks in the NFL today, could soon find themselves in the same defensive backfield. As sensational as that sounds, is it a good idea?

Should the New York Jets, who still have areas requiring improvement in the front seven, max themselves out financially by adding to a strength?

I think it would be fun to see Revis and Asomugha together on one team, but I fear the Jets will begin to look like that guy who only works out his arms and neglects his legs and core. Some are wondering if the Jets are becoming pro football’s version of the Miami Heat. Maybe, they’re becoming pro football’s version of Joe from Family Guy.

While Joe — through no fault of his own — ignored his legs and Popeye failed to build his chest, the Jets are ignoring a need to improve the pass rush in order to perfect their pass coverage. Why not find a healthy balance? They could retain Antonio Cromartie for far less money. They could give 2010 first-round pick Kyle Wilson a shot. Instead, they’re reportedly on the verge of breaking the bank (again) for a 30-year-old free agent who will inevitably be drastically overpaid.

Less than a year ago, the Jets were forced to pay Revis big money ($46 million over four years with $32 million guaranteed) after he held out for the second time in four years. Asomugha is expected to require close to $15 million a year with similar guaranteed dollars. How will the super-sensitive Revis feel if/when that happens?

Plus, they need a receiver to complement Santonio Holmes (Randy Moss? Braylon Edwards?) and could use an edge rusher to improve a pass rush that has been mediocre for two years running (despite the presence of Rex Ryan).

And while it’s wonderful that Mark Sanchez and others might restructure their contracts to make room for whoever they’re asked to make room for, the Jets just spent $24 million to keep Holmes around and they started this process already over the cap by about a million bucks.

Whatever happened to being well-rounded?