We’re not entirely sure what’s delaying the Donovan McNabb trade to Minnesota, but we’ve grown impatient. McNabb is no longer a good quarterback and the Vikings are no longer a good team, so it’s not worth our time to break down why McNabb continues to see himself as Vincent Chase while onlookers view him as Turtle.

He’s apparently not happy about the fact that the Vikings are settling for him after swinging and missing elsewhere. He’s apparently pissed that they’re essentially handing the Redskins a bag of deflated footballs in exchange for his washed-up ass. But that’s what teams do for thirty-something quarterbacks who throw more picks than touchdowns and sport passer ratings under 80.

Hopefully those reports are erroneous. Hopefully the hold-up is solely related to contract quagmires, which would be drastically more understandable considering that McNabb is due a $10 million option bonus in September.

Either way, McNabb will have to take a pay cut if he wants to start in Minnesota (or anywhere). That’ll likely happen soon, and if the price is low enough, the Vikings will have made a good move.

They aren’t expected to be heavy hitters this year anyway, and rookie quarterback Christian Ponder isn’t considered to be game-ready (thanks, lockout). McNabb, who ran a similar offense in Philadelphia, would provide a nice veteran presence while ideally helping to groom Ponder for the future. Assuming McNabb is being made aware of the fact that he isn’t in the team’s long-term plans (he may very well be delusional enough to believe he is), then this is a safe, cost-efficient move.

The Redskins aren’t complaining either. They weren’t going to give McNabb any more cash than they already owed him. Now, they’ll salvage a draft pick or two and pretend that last year’s embarrassing extension was never offered or signed.

UPDATE: The trade is now official, according to (guess who?) ESPN’s Adam Schefter. No word on what has happened to McNabb’s contract.

GLS MOVE RATING: Vikings: 6/10, Redskins: 8/10