The top free agent quarterback available has been wrapped up by the Tennessee Titans. Matt Hasselbeck is off to Tennessee, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

This doesn’t come as a surprise. The Titans were considered to be the frontrunner in the Hasselbeck sweepstakes on Tuesday. Titans general manager Mike Reinfeldt was with the Seahawks from 1999-2006.

A lot has been made of Hasselbeck’s age, but he’s only 35. Same age as Peyton Manning. Quarterbacks can often succeed into their late thirties. Sure, he struggled last year, but he also saved himself in the playoffs with a 102.4 rating in two games.

He’ll have more support in Tennessee, where they already have a stellar offensive line and a decent group of backs and receivers in place. Having Chris Johnson in the backfield is a game-changer. It wouldn’t surprise me if Hasselbeck were to experience a bit of a rejuvenation in Tennessee.

Worst-case scenario: He gives No. 8 overall pick Jake Locker some time to adjust before taking the reins.

Best-case scenario: Hasselbeck circa 2007 shows up and the Titans get back to the playoffs.

GLS MOVE RATING: 8/10 (although we don’t know the contract terms yet)