A little harsh? Maybe, but the Panthers didn’t have to spend $21 million in guaranteed money on an injury-prone 28-year-old running back (that’s old for running backs).

I don’t subscribe to the theory that running backs are a dime a dozen, but I do believe that most running backs are a dime a dozen. At this point, Williams fits into that category. And so do his Carolina peers, who are already under contract.

While Williams missed most of the 2010 season due to a foot injury, Jonathan Stewart and Mike Goodson, both 24, combined for 1,635 yards rushing/receiving yards. They held it down, and they didn’t (and still don’t) require $8.6 million annually to do so.

Williams will be 33 when his five-year, $43 million deal expires. Wanna bet he won’t be a starter at that point? In fact, I doubt he’ll even be a Panther in half a decade. Terrible move.


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  1. On the other hand, at least the Dolphins won’t be wasting money on him now. WIN!

  2. Lets not fault the guy for being a good back,he could have probably got more else where.

  3. Of course this was a stupid move. When you have another 1000 yard back in Stewart and Mike Goodson is probably even better than either of them, why give Williams $43 million? For what? He did his time, and its time to move on
    (update DeAngleo 2011, 2 games, 17 carries, 2.5 yards a carry for 43 total yards!) He looks like he lost a step. All that money down the drain. Top 5 worst NFL contracts of all time.

  4. FUCK DEANG, we killed our team for years to come FUCK!

  5. How bout that 2012 opener? Our star highly paid star gets -1 yards for the day. He is taking it to the bank running backwards! Great move Panthers! And they locked up Stewart big time too! He could not even make it on the field! We have the best GM and coach out there! MONEY THEY SUCK!

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