Kevin Kolb doesn’t throw a good deep ball. Kevin Kolb struggles when under pressure. Kevin Kolb isn’t disciplined in the pocket. In his 19-game career, Kevin Kolb has thrown more interceptions (14) than touchdown passes (11).

And yet Kevin Kolb is supposed to save the destitute Arizona Cardinals franchise. All it cost the Cards? Their top corner and a second-round draft pick.

Oh, and $63 million.

But at least Larry Fitzgerald’s happy, right?

The Cardinals have agreed to pay Kolb 12.6 million per year over the next half-decade, with $22 million guaranteed, according to ESPN’s John Clayton.

Kolb has three career victories. If he can triple that number in 2011, the Cards will have improved on their 5-11 2010 season. Baby steps cost a lot of money in the new NFL.

The move also means that rookie No. 5 overall pick Patrick Peterson immediately becomes the top cornerback in Glendale. And while Peterson is clearly a unique talent, don’t be surprised if Cardinals fans start wishing they still had Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie at some point this season.

DRC is a playmaker. He has 13 interceptions and four pick sixes in three years in the league. The former first-round pick struggled along with the rest of the team in 2010, but he still made some big plays and has a bright future. And here’s the best part: Rodgers-Cromartie is slated to make less than a million dollars next season.

As a result, 2,500 miles east, the Eagles are laughing. They’ve conquered the Kolb headache that plagued them for two years, they’ve added a remarkably talented defensive back to pair with All-Pro Asante Samuel and they’ve added a high-end draft pick for 2012.

Congratulations, Andy Reid. You’ve just won the most lopsided trade of the wild 2011 offseason. Give it a year or two and there won’t even be a debate.

GLS MOVE RATING: Eagles: 9.5/10, Cardinals: 1.5/10

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  1. Kolb has way more upside than Kyle Orton, and is already better than any QB the Cardinals have. Unless the Bengals were willing to trade Palmer, Kevin Kolb was the best available qb.

  2. Arizona paid a high price for an unproven player, but there is no more valuable position than quarterback. Obviously the management team really believes in him, or are delusional.

  3. Kolb is a smart guy, and is better suited in Arizona than in Philly… if they can resurrect the west coast attack they had a few years back, with kurt warner, then they will improve. obviously, kolb is not warner, but he is young and has some experience which is a lot better than trying to develop any of their inexperienced back ups into the esteemed leadership role of cards qb… i think it’s a good move, given the cards’ circumstances. now if they can patch that hole at corner they may be able to improve

  4. This is highway robbery for so many reasons. The Cardinals really guzzled Andy Reids Kool-Aid. Kolb is a backup in this league and the stats prove it.

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