Ocho and the Pats: Oil and water

OCNN is about to become as boring as C-SPAN. But it won’t last long.

The New England Patriots have made two controversial moves today. The first — a trade with Washington for Albert Haynesworth — made sense. Big Albert is lazy, but he’s quiet. And if Haynesworth acts up, he’s gone.

But the second move, made moments ago, is baffling. The Pats have sent two late-round draft picks to Cincinnati in exchange for Chad Ochocinco.

The Pats need speed, but Ochocinco is 33 and doesn’t appear to have a full tank of gas.

The Pats like privacy, but Ochocinco is a social butterfly with a bad Twitter habit.

But apparently Chad and Bill Belichick have a nice relationship, at least based on this 39-second video from NFL Films:

Still, I don’t see this working out long term. Eventually, Ocho is going to say or do something that is going to piss Belichick off. Or it’ll be a combination of things. It won’t take long before he starts piling straws on the camel’s back.

What will Belichick think about Ocho tweeting pictures from within the locker room? What about him sending tongue-in-cheek care packages to opposing corners? What about all of the bulletin board material Ocho has become famous for creating over the last 10 years?

Is this really worth it? We’re not sure how much guaranteed money Ocho has been promised, but it’s reportedly a three-year deal and the Pats don’t like wasting cash.

And yeah, reclamation projects from poorly-run franchises have experienced success in Foxborough as of late (see: Randy Moss, Corey Dillon), I’m not sure Ochocinco brings enough to the table to make a major difference on the current Pats’ roster.

If the team felt it needed a receiver (in reality, it did … and still might), it could have gone after Steve Smith of the Giants, Mike Sims-Walker, Mark Clayton, James Jones, Malcom Floyd or even Derrick Mason. But instead, they went the trade route, presumably because it was more cost-efficient.

Then again, that’s just their style. Belichick traded for Dillon in 2004 and traded for Moss and Wes Welker in 2007. On draft day and during this period, it seems the Pats have always preferred the trade route.

I get the feeling this one won’t pay off.


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  1. Chad has lost a step no doubt, but to my eye he runs precise routes, and can use the sideline well. With Brady throwing him accurate tosses on timing routes, it should work out pretty well for the Pats.

  2. As a pats fan, I love it! I miss moss and no way BB takes his crap if he pulls any. Same with fat Albert, any BS from either and the pats will release them I’m sure. Now if they could get Smith too……. Even better.

  3. every time the pats make a trade everyone doubts them (i.e Corey Dillon and Randy Moss)
    and then at the end of every season the Pats are arguably one the best teams in the league.
    Tom Brady wasn’t ranked number 1 by his peers for nothing you know. All this guy does is win. Granted the haven’t won the super bowl for a while, but when you give Tom Brady a guy who can catch the ball and is a legitamate wide reciever he breaks records!!!!!
    Lets not forget that Ocho was on a team with another DIVA of a wide reciever who we all know Loves him some him.
    T.O. got the majority of the passes that Carson Palmer didn’t throw to the other team anyway.
    This is a great move for the Pats and an even better move and fit for #86.

  4. I don’t doubt he’ll improve the receiving corps (at least marginally), but I’m concerned about his personality. I don’t think Belichick is going to like his tweeting and his general mouthiness, and I’m not sure Ocho can control it.

    Then again, it’s not like Belichick didn’t know what he was getting into…

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