It’s a long weekend in Canada. As a result, Tomlinson and I have had obligations that have prevented us from monitoring the free agent frenzy in the same dogged way we reacted to news during the week. After a dead Sunday, we’re back to react to all of the moves we missed. While Tomlinson breaks down the big story from yesterday (Plaxico to the Jets), I’ve taken a look at 10 signings that grabbed my attention over the weekend:

After losing out on Nnamdi Asomugha the Jets have settled for Antonio Cromartie, who returns to the team with a four-year, $32 million deal. That’s way too much for a guy who lacks consistency and isn’t overly good in coverage (usually problematic for a cornerback). He’s only getting about a million dollars less per year than Johnathan Joseph got from Houston. Then again, the Jets didn’t have many other options. GLS MOVE RATING: 6/10

Veteran center Olin Kreutz turned down the Bears’ $4.5 million contract offer and is now considering retirement. Chicago didn’t care for the potential bluff and signed former Seahawks center Chris Spencer. Spencer is young (he’s 29, Kreutz is 34) and probably better at this¬†point. He’ll upgrade a so-so offensive line. We have him as our top-rated free agent center. Still, Kreutz was a staple in Chicago for over a decade, so we’ll see if that affects the locker room negatively.¬†GLS MOVE RATING: 8/10

The Titans signed former Buccaneer Barrett Ruud to a one-year contract. The 28-year-old Ruud is a slightly older version of Stephen Tulloch, who the Titans lost to Detroit in free agency. GLS MOVE RATING: 7/10

As I mentioned, Tulloch signed on for one year in Detroit. He’s a tackle machine but not really considered to be a playmaker. Still, he’ll help improve a bad linebacker corps. The Lions also added free agent linebacker Justin Durant earlier in the week. GLS MOVE RATING: 7.5/10

Nick Barnett is coming to Buffalo, where he’ll become an immediate starter in a leaky defense. Three years and $12 million with $6 million guaranteed is a lot to give up for a eight-year veteran in his thirties with injury concerns, but the Bills have a lot of money to spend and had a hole to fill after the departure of Paul Posluszny. GLS MOVE RATING: 7/10

The Raiders might have lost Nnamdi Asomugha on Friday, but they at least softened the blow to the secondary with the re-signing of Michael Huff over the weekend. The reliable safety is very good in coverage and it looks as though he’ll come at a decent price. GLS MOVE RATING: 8/10

Meanwhile, James Jones is staying put in Green Bay, but the Packers could have lived without him (their entire receiving corps is returning). Jones’ problem is that he drops too many balls and isn’t exactly Mr. Consistent. Hopefully he’s not getting paid too much. GLS MOVE RATING: 5/10

Nate Clements has jumped from San Francisco to Cincinnati, where he’ll attempt to fill Johnathan Joseph’s big shoes. At one point, it was looking like the Bengals weren’t going to do anything to replace Joseph, so this is nice to see. Clements was drastically overpaid in San Fran. The Bengals are giving him a relatively hefty $5.25 million a year, but it’s a two-year deal, so they’re accounting for the fact that Clements is 31. He and Leon Hall will be a good duo, and they’ll be cheaper than Hall and Joseph. GLS MOVE RATING: 8/10

The Bengals also re-signed one of their top free agents, giving a one-year deal to Cedric Benson. This signing took quite some time, which had me wondering if Benson’s recent legal issues were getting in the way. Benson also struggled on the field in 2010, and it’s obvious he got no bites elsewhere in free agency. Cincy was smart to give him a one-year deal and force him to play hard for a contract in 2011. GLS MOVE RATING: 7/10

The Ravens have plucked arguably the league’s top fullback from Houston. Vonta Leach will block for Ray Rice for the next three years after signing an $11 million contract with Baltimore Sunday. GLS MOVE RATING: 9/10