We’re not sure if they’ll get Unitas, but Gagnon was just signed to the practice squad.

The Eagles continued their offseason of signing seemingly anyone who can move in a forward direction and carry a football by reeling in running back Ronnie Brown, who agreed to a one-year deal that’s reportedly worth a staggeringly low $1 million. As we noted earlier, the Eagles are quite predictably rubbing up against the cap given their new-found love of frivolous spending, and prior to Brown’s signing they had roughly $4.5 million in cap space.

On the depth chart Brown will be listed as the backup to LeSean McCoy, but he’ll likely continue the wildcat role he’s grown into over the last few seasons in Miami, albeit in a much lesser capacity. Brown’s contribution lies in his versatility, as he’s demonstrated an ability to be an effective runner, pass-catcher, and even the occasional thrower out of wildcat formations.

Brown adds another dimension of athleticism to a team that already has plenty of it between McCoy, the two quarterbacks (Michael Vick and Vince Young), and the two primary receivers (DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin).

Offensive tackle Ryan Harris also signed a one-year deal. It was widely rumored that Harris would re-sign with the Broncos today to provide depth on Denver’s offensive line. That didn’t happen, and now he’ll fulfill the same role in Philadelphia.

Every good story needs a villain, and the Jets’ trash talking act is growing stale. No one likes the free-spending corporate goon, so the Eagles may soon knock the Jets off of their perch to become the team most hated by casual fans.