In addition to monitoring the progress of specific players during this wild free agent frenzy, we’re tracking the progress specific teams are making in the grand scheme. Here’s how we rank the league’s 32 teams right now:

* We’ve noted where teams have moved from our initial rankings in brackets.

1. Philadelpia Eagles (up 3 spots)
Asomugha, DRC, Babin, Jenkins, Young additions give them the most talented roster in football.
2. Pittsburgh Steelers (–)
Haven’t lost anyone of significance.
3. Green Bay Packers (down 2 spots)
Lost four starters in the last week (Barnett, Jenkins, Colledge, Tauscher).
4. New England Patriots (down 1 spot)
They’ll miss Banta-Cain, Warren and Kaczur but the Haynesworth acquisition could make up for it.
5. Atlanta Falcons (up 1 spot)
Keeping everyone but Harvey Dahl; added Ray Edwards. That’s a net gain.
6. Baltimore Ravens: (down 1 spot)
Gone: Stallworth, Wilson, Landry, Chester, Gaither, Mason, Gregg. At least they got Vonta Leach.
7. New Orleans Saints (–)
Very inactive. I’d take Darren Sproles over Reggie Bush too. Still lots of UFAs to re-sign.
8. St. Louis Rams (up 2 spots)
Harvey Dahl, Quintin Mikell and Mike Sims-Walker are nice additions.
9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (–)
Took care of their important UFAs but I wish they’d spent more money ($30 million in cap space).
10. New York Jets (up 2 spots)
Cromartie’s cheaper than Asomugha and the Holmes/Burress duo will be fun to watch.
11. Chicago Bears (down 3 spots)
Roy Williams? Sam Hurd? Marion Barber? Amobi Okoye? Not sure what they’re doing with these random vets.
12. Kansas City Chiefs (up 1 spot)
Kelly Gregg makes the front seven better. Steve Breaston makes the passing game better.
13. Houston Texans (up 5 spots)
They’ll miss Leach but the secondary has improved drastically with Joseph and Manning.
14.  New York Giants (down 3 spots)
Ahmad Bradshaw’s returning but the offensive line took a hit. Lost Barry Cofield too.
15. Dallas Cowboys (down 1 spot)
Re-signed Free, Kosier and Spears but they haven’t had enough money to do anything else.
16. San Diego Chargers (–)
No big gains, no big losses.
17. Indianapolis Colts (down 2 spots)
Out: Charlie Johnson and Clint Session. In: Ernie Sims and Jamaal Anderson. Meh.
18. Detroit Lions (down 1 spot)
The defense is better with Eric Wright, Stephen Tulloch and Justin Durant.
19. Tennessee Titans (–)
Ruud and Tulloch cross each other out and Hasselbeck helps, but Babin is a net loss.
20. Jacksonville Jaguars (up 3 spots)
The defense is better with Paul Posluszny, Clint Session and Dawan Landry on board.
21. Oakland Raiders (down 1 spot)
Re-signed Michael Huff and expected to keep Zach Miller. Still, Asomugha’s gone.
22. Miami Dolphins (down 1 spot)
Still have a hole at the most important position on the field. The offense didn’t improve enough.
23. Seattle Seahawks (up 2 spots)
Offense could be better with Jackson, Rice and Gallery. And nice work keeping Brandon Mebane.
24. San Francisco 49ers (down 2 spots)
Lost Manny Lawson, Nate Clements, David Baas and Takeo Spikes. Signed pretty much nobody.
25. Cincinnati Bengals (down 1 spot)
Redeemed themselves a bit with Clements, Lawson and the re-signing of Cedric Benson.
26. Buffalo Bills (–)
Why won’t they spend money? Nick Barnett doesn’t compensate for loss of Posluszny/Whitner.
27. Washington Redskins (up 5 spots)
Defense improves with addition of Bowen, Cofield and Josh Wilson. Offense is still horrible.
28. Arizona Cardinals (up 2 spots)
They’ll miss DRC but Kolb, Bradley, Marshall and Colledge are improvements. Still have money to spend.
29. Denver Broncos (–)
They’re a better team with Kyle Orton, period.
30. Minnesota Vikings (down 3 spots)
Lost Ray Edwards and Sidney Rice. Didn’t properly replace either of them.
31. Cleveland Browns (down 3 spots)
Still have $30 million in cap space they probably won’t spend.
32. Carolina Panthers (down 1 spot)
Overpaid Charles Johnson and DeAngelo Williams. Lost Richard Marshall.