This is the best picture we have in our Getty archives of Buchanon in a Redskins uniform. We think it's appropriate.

The Redskins were a mess two years ago as the Jim Zorn era(?) reached its painful conclusion, and the hope was that by bringing an experienced coach on board in the form of Mike Shanahan, stability would follow. We’re still waiting on the day when that goal is achieved.

Turmoil has consistently followed this team since Shanahan took over. It’s been a combination of petulant, immature players like the recently departed Albert Haynesworth and to a lesser degree quarterback Donovan McNabb, and Shanahan’s mishandling of those malcontent personalities.

This is why a murky, foggy suspension only days into training camp should be met with little surprise. Today Shanahan told reporters that veteran cornerback Phillip Buchanon has been suspended by the league and will miss the first four games of the regular season. The suspension comes just one day after Buchanon was re-signed by the Redskins.

Shanahan didn’t offer any details when speaking to the media, only saying that Buchanon was suspended “a while back.” A league spokesman wouldn’t comment to the Washington Times.

The news will leak out soon enough, but for now we’re left to speculate (we’ll take performance-enhancing drug policy violation for $100, Alex). What we do know is that this isn’t exactly the ideal start for a team destined to be leading the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.