• Bills linebacker Aaron Maybin is widely viewed as one of the league’s worst drafting failures, and he’s not helping himself by showing up to training camp at 228 pounds, a steep drop from his listed playing weight of 250 pounds from last season. He tipped the scales only three pounds heavier than kicker Rian Lindell, leaving GLS Photoshop expert Mike Tinning to conclude that he needed money during the lockout and started experimenting with a new weight loss drug. Perhaps he has a future as a weight loss spokesman once his football career ends, which could be in a few weeks.
  • The Giants were seeking a first-round pick for Osi Umenyiora and have reportedly lowered that to a second-round pick after teams weren’t willing to meet their original price.
  • The Ravens are among the five teams reportedly showing interest in Umenyiora, and a previous report from WFAN in New York noted that if the Giants backed off of their first-round demand, a deal could get done quickly.
  • Marc Bulger‘s phone was still relatively silent one week into the free agency period, prompting the veteran quarterback to retire. Bulger will be most remembered as the man who took over for Kurt Warner in St.Louis, and he went to two Pro Bowls before injuries took his career to the sidelines.
  • Donovan McNabb was rather candid when speaking to Clark Judge of CBSSports.com about the Eagles and their spending spree.
  • 18 to 88 breaks down the percentage of the salary cap that Peyton Manning has accounted for over his entire career, including the cap real estate he’ll occupy during the next five years with his new contract.
  • We love a juicy cross-sport comparison, but 49ers fans–and San Francisco sports fans in general–should probably turn away from this one. Alex Smith has become Barry Zito, and if that’s not bad enough, we have Smith ranked behind Bulger in our free agent watch.
  • Andy Reid thinks that dreams aren’t reality. Has he seen Inception?
  • I can’t imagine ever being in a position where weighing 333 pounds is considered an accomplishment. I suppose that’s why I’m a rake-resembling blogger, and not an offensive lineman.

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