Randy Moss walked away from the game of football this week, which is an utter shame for fans considering how uniquely talented he was (and still is). But it’s also a shame for bloggers like me considering how uniquely reckless he was when the clock was stopped.

We’ve seen off-field antics ruin careers, but Moss was practically too big to fail. No matter what he did to find trouble, he seemed to compensate for it with his ability to find the end zone. With No. 84, you were sometimes watching a car crash (literally and figuratively), and you were sometimes watching a magic show. Either way, it was often impossible to look away.

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(Created by Brian Waddington)

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  1. You can add these to the right side, too…


    As much trouble as he’s gotten in to, he does A LOT of charity work that flies under the radar.

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