Earlier this week, Jets head coach Rex Ryan admitted that the team would consider bringing back Braylon Edwards at the right price. But the 49ers ended up signing Edwards to an incentive-laden one-year contract that isn’t guaranteed.

Does that mean the Jets weren’t even willing to give the guy $1 million in guaranteed money?

Edwards joins a fairly bad offense with little support and a terrible quarterback situation. He’s obviously talented enough to make the final roster, but the Niners have covered themselves in the event that Edwards runs into more off-field trouble or caused any distractions between now and Week 1. And even after that, they can cut the guy for a million bucks. Big whoop.

Edwards, who is already on probation as a result of a DUI, was involved in yet another bar fight last weekend. He simply can’t avoid mischief.

Ultimately, ex-con Plaxico Burress got more money from Edwards’ former team. What does that say about Braylon? He’s a 28-year-old former Pro Bowler coming off a decent season, but nobody trusts him.

Now, he’ll have to perform and stay on task to earn his next long-term contract in this league. If he messes up again, he might be done.