Based on this eight-second video posted on Twitter yesterday by Terrell Owens, I’m convinced that T.O.’s knee is fully recovered, and you should be too. I’d also really like to see Owens run a route just like this one…

I’m poking fun, but let’s be real: that’s pretty impressive considering that the 37-year-old underwent surgery to repair a torn ACL in April. His agent Drew Rosenhaus has said all along that Owens will be ready for Week 1. Now he just has to find a team.

And he has to be ready, because there’s a decent chance that prospective teams will ask Owens to, you know, make cuts.

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  1. 37 years old is a serious age to have to come back from an injury like this.
    He will be getting slower anyway, but injuries like this do not help.
    Always liked Owens, even though he’s nuts!!

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