• We’re sure this innovative and highly original fan had to create this jersey on his own, and that’s a damn shame. The Broncos are really missing out on a huge merchandise mover here.
  • Late last night ESPN’s Adam Schefter thought he revealed breaking news regarding a detail in Larry Fitzgerald’s contract. In reality, he was just casually feeding the football news machine, and duping the public into thinking his urgent news that broke over two weeks ago is worthy of our immediate attention.
  • Chris Cooley‘s knee is reportedly aggravated, and will require a month of rest. The Redskins have remained hesitant to confirm a timetable for his recovery, but any time an athlete visits Dr. kevorkian James Andrews, that’s bad.
  • Sure, it was just a walk-through and not a full practice, but any practice field time for Russell Okung after he sprained his ankle Thursday is clearly welcome news for Seattle.
  • There isn’t nearly as much optimism on the injury front for the Broncos. Ty Warren, the Patriots castoff who just signed a two-year contract worth $8 million in Denver, may have suffered a serious triceps injury.
  • The 49ers worked out Daunte Culpepper yesterday, and they still might actually sign him. They just might not do it until next week, and they’re giving semi-serious thought to just going with two quarterbacks. Yikes.
  • There could be a Plaxico Burress sighting on Wednesday.
  • Colt McCoy worked out with Brett Favre during the lockout, putting Favre possibly one McCoy injury away from bringing more crippling depression to the city of Cleveland.
  • Actual quote from an outraged Kenny Britt, who’s still dealing with a hamstring injury: “I thought it was behind me when I was doing all that yoga this summer. But I guess the yoga lady took my money and ran.”
  • It’s odd and more than a little troubling that recently acquired Packers players who weren’t on the championship team were reportedly allowed to participate in Green Bay’s White House visit, but former players who left via free agency weren’t even called.
  • It’s not all roses and peaches over at the Giants camp just because Osi Umenyiora has returned. Just ask Justin Tuck.

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  1. Actual insult hurled my way at the fantasy draft:

    “The Dolphins should trade for Tebow and turn their logo into the Jesus Fish”

  2. Iam by no means a broncos fan, I actually bleed gang green but i want to see tebow play ball. Im not tuning in to see Kyle orton cause i dont care about Kyle Orton. The broncos are definetly missing out on the hype machine that is Tim Tebow,I mean who doesnt want to see this kid play.Josh Mcdaniels completly sabotaged this team and now they have a chance with a special player and instead they are gonna play Ortoné

  3. Could maybe get help us added to that jersey by December.

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