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The easy bet for the player to generate the first fine this season was James Harrison, the Steelers linebacker who’s routinely punished by that hand puppet who runs the NFL. But it looks like anyone who owns eight farms and bet them all on Lions defensive end Ndamukong Suh made an easy buck today. Suh lost a few bucks, 20,000 of them to be exact.

The moment Andy Dalton’s helmet popped off during last Friday’s preseason game between the Lions and Bengals, a fine seemed inevitable. Although no official statement has been released by the league, the above tweet sure seems to indicate that Suh lost a substantial sum of money today.

Dalton’s head remained fastened to his shoulders despite Suh’s best effort to claim it for his trophy mantle. A 15-yard penalty for roughing the passer was called on the play.

The NFL is the juggernaut of North American professional sports, but any successful business will become unsuccessful quickly if it stays stagnant. That’s why the search for the casual fan is constant, and that’s why the league protects its most recognizable and marketable players. Most of those players happen to be quarterbacks, and it’s Suh’s task to plant them firmly in the turf on every play.

This is why life in the NFL has become increasingly difficult for highly aggressive players like Suh who flirt with the line between controlled violence and unbridled hostility. The process of harnessing that aggression is what’s driven Harrison to absurdly contemplate retirement, and it’s now prompted Suh to include far too many exclamation points in a tweet.

Aggression is clearly a central element to any football play, but players like Suh and Harrison can be borderline animalistic. There’s nothing wrong with this style of play. It wins games, and in Harrison’s case, it wins championships. But uber-aggressive players also need to elevate their awareness of the NFL’s increased emphasis on player safety, a concept that’s especially escaped Suh’s grasp in his young career.

If he is fined $20,000 by the league it’ll already be the third monetary punishment issued to Suh, who’s entering his second season. The first came almost exactly one year ago when he used his head re-adjustment skills on Jake Delhomme.

That hit cost Suh $7,500. The second fine came as a result of Suh’s stiff forearm shiver to the back of Jay Cutler’s head, and this time the penalty was raised to $15,000. Kristin Cavallari approves.

He’ll complain, and so will Lions fans. But the reality is that in today’s NFL, Suh has committed the #BIGFAIL.

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  1. These guys have come to the NFL to play, how long before it becomes touch football??

  2. I still don’t understand how the Cutler hit is illegal. By being called as illegal It appears that the defensive players can’t tackle using outward motions from their arms altogether. Fine, whatever, but then the rules should be set so that’s clear. Tell me which rule Suh broke during that play? I don’t think you’ll find anything official or even close to accurate for describing the play.

    As for the new fine, They didn’t levy it on Suh for the helmet issue. Suh didn’t take off his helmet or grab Dalton’s head. Dalton’s helmet wasn’t strapped on and came off when the Lion’s other DT hit him – not Suh. Suh was fined for the “late hit” which was a fair penalty flag. Suh contends he had no way of knowing Dalton released the ball as he hit him from behind. I believe him at his word but regardless a flag can be warranted, especially since Dalton was helmet-less (which honestly should be cause to end the play in the rulebook). Suh gets the fine which I suppose teaches him to watch the ball better next time. But if we are legislating safety the rules need to change and make a loss of helmet a dead play at that spot. They should make it that way regardless of which player loses a helmet (they can make penalties or whatever to make up for non-ball carrier helmet issues). That’s the right move in this incident. A fine does little – basically nothing – to change the game.

  3. Bottom line is 20K is nothing to Suh (go check what his signing bonus was) – if the NFL was serious they’d start making these fines based on game cheques:

    - first offence = 1 game chq
    - second offence = 2 game chqs
    - and so on…

    That way the fines would be automatically proportional to how much the players get paid… A scrub DE just off the practice roster who makes the same hit wouldn’t be fined as much but would still feel it b/c he’s not making as much.

    Fining these guys small numbers is just pointless…

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