The NFL continues to take its sweet-ass time trying to decide whether Terrelle Pryor should be eligible for the supplemental draft, and it’s screwing a lot of people.

It’s screwing Pryor, whose status with Ohio State has clearly changed since the actual NFL draft, which should make him eligible.

It’s screwing Caleb King, Mike McAdoo, Tracy Wilson and Torez Jones, all of whom are waiting to start their NFL careers but are being delayed by this process.

And it’s screwing the teams that might want to make silent bids for Pryor and that quartet of former college players.

Why is the league jerking Pryor around? No one knows. It shouldn’t take this long to make a decision, which has many wondering if Roger Goodell and Co. are seeking a reason to block Pryor from participating in the draft out of respect for their friends from the NCAA.

This isn’t the end of the world. Pryor, King, McAdoo, Wilson and Jones might never become supplemental draft heroes like Cris Carter and Bernie Kosar, but they deserve their shot. This delay is only making their paths more difficult.