When a team is known for its rich history of winning, it’s often hated passionately because greatness is easy to despise. We hate Duke basketball, the Yankees, and the entire city of Boston. The middle ground doesn’t exist.

But with the exception of those who support the Packers’ main rivals, there’s respect and–dare I say it–maybe even a little bit of admiration for the Packers fanbase. The city of Green Bay is downright crazy on Sundays in the fall and winter, with young women wearing bikinis to Lambeau Field in sub-zero temperatures, large men covered by little more than nipple stickers, and whatever the hell this is.

We all want to be that crazy, and live in a town where 70 percent of the population is at Lambeau every gameday. So it logically follows that it takes something exceptionally crazy to raise Green Bay’s level of Packer insanity.

Friends, I give you the Packer police badge now worn by Green Bay’s finest.

Thanks, Darren Rovell