We’ve been fully expecting some quarterback battles to emerge as the month of August wears on. Blaine Gabbert is already pushing David Garrard in Jacksonville, Cam Newton is getting his chance to start in front of Jimmy Clausen in Carolina,¬†John Beck continues to duel with Rex Grossman in Washington, Charlie Whitehurst is pushing Tarvaris Jackson in Seattle and Alex Smith is trying to hold off Colin Kaepernick in San Francisco.

But what about Matt Flynn and Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay? Impossible, right?

Actually that is correct. Barring a tremendous turn of events, there won’t be a quarterback competition in Titletown for quite some time, but it’s still very interesting to hear that Flynn has outplayed Rodgers thus far in Packers’ camp.

From the usually far from hyperbolic Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

“Maybe the coaches have scored it differently, but from a sideline view, backup quarterback Matt Flynn has had a better camp than starter Aaron Rodgers. Flynn usually plays with the backups and often runs the scout team, which are factors that weigh against him. Yet practice after practice, he’s fearless in the pocket, on target with his throws and always calm and collected. If scouts from other teams were allowed to attend practice, they would be making calls back home as fast as possible. Film of Flynn leading a long second-quarter drive later in the half against Cleveland has undoubtedly circulated among teams looking for a quarterback. It would be nice to see what Flynn could do playing behind the starters. Rodgers, for the most part, hasn’t been as consistent. Some of his throws have been off, and some of his connections with receivers not as crisp. Who knows if Rodgers is working on different things with his receivers or being blitzed more; he’s just been off at times. The Cleveland game was a perfect example when he made two bad throws on the first series. Rodgers will be fine. He’ll throw for a jillion yards and probably be in the race for MVP. But from a spectator’s standpoint, Flynn has been more enjoyable to watch this summer.”

This is great news for Packers fans. Elite teams typically can’t survive without their starting quarterback, but it looks as though the Packers (along with maybe the Patriots) are an exception to that rule.

And if Rodgers’ sluggish start to the 2011 preseason and training camp has you worried, Rodgers himself will remove some of that stress while channeling his inner Allen Iverson