If Ben Roethlisberger gets six games (later reduced to four) despite never being charged in a sexual assault case, then there’s no reason Albert Haynesworth shouldn’t be punished with a suspension after pleading no contest to a charge of simple assault in a case that claims he groped a waitress.

Like Big Ben, Haynesworth has a poor track record. There was the infamous stomping incident of 2006, but he’s also caused headaches within organizations and has been caught up in several other legal entanglements.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello claims the league is reviewing the matter, but since the incident in question took place prior to the work stoppage and the case has been settled after the work stoppage, there’s no reason for the league to hold back. Haynesworth has once again violated the league’s personal conduct policy, which should be enough to garner a short suspension.

And as a result, the Patriots might have the perfect excuse to terminate big Albert’s contract before he ever plays a game in Foxboro.