Some in the media seem to be irked by the fact that Chiefs head coach Todd Haley went to a Lil Wayne concert with one of his players Monday night.

The critic with arguably the strongest and loudest voice, ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio, had this to say:

It’s hard to imagine any other NFL head coach going to a concert less than three weeks before the start of the season, especially after a lockout in which there were multiple weeks featuring a lot less work than usual, and thus more time than usual to do non-work things. This doesn’t mean NFL head coaches shouldn’t have lives away from the sport, but the Chiefs have two preseason games left and a regular-season game in less than a week, to cap an offseason in which the lockout has made it even harder than usual to get ready to compete.

The belief that coaches have to work around the clock is archaic and potentially dangerous. It’s been noted time and again by professionals that time away from the workplace can actually help increase productivity. Not everyone is Jon Gruden. Some of us require six-to-eight hours of sleep a night, and some of us need to have a few hours of personal time to breathe.

Rather than nailing Haley to a cross for enjoying some leisure time three measly weeks before the start of the regular season, we should praise the guy for having the ability to have a life while coaching a professional football team. I’ve always thought that those coaches who are famously hailed for sleeping in their offices and drawing up plays 20 hours a day are probably just making up for the fact that they’re stupider and less organized than the rest. And honestly, I think Gruden exemplifies that.

Does Florio really believe that 31 other head coaches were working tirelessly in their offices from 8:00 to 11:00 Monday night? What about the coaches who went home and had dinner with their wives, or read a book, or watched “Bachelor Pad”? Aren’t they just as guilty as Haley?

Florio asks if Bill Parcells would have left camp to attend a Lil Wayne concert, which really highlights the flaw in his criticism. Is Haley being criticized for taking a few hours off or is he being criticized for what he did while taking a few hours off?

And is the latter any of our business?