That’s right, CBS Sports analyst Boomer Esiason has become the latest expert to declare that Tebow is the worst quarterback in the history of the world.

From Michael McCarthy of USA Today:

“He can’t play. He can’t throw,” Esiason said at a CBS press event in New York on Tuesday. “I’m not here to insult him. The reality is he was a great college football player, maybe the greatest college football player of his time. But he’s not an NFL quarterback right now. Just because he’s God-fearing, and a great person off the field, and was a winner with the team that had the best athletes in college football, doesn’t mean his game is going to translate to the NFL.”

Tebow’s throwing mechanics are so poor, Esiason says, he wouldn’t be surprised if the Broncos cut him loose. “What (former Broncos coach) Josh McDaniel saw in him God only knows. Maybe God does know — because the rest of us don’t,” Esiason said.

I’m guessing this will be as low as things get for Tebow, simply because expectations are beginning to drop off at this point. From now on, he won’t be called upon to be an elite quarterback in the NFL (which is usually the case with first-round picks).

This whole thing is Josh McDaniels’ fault. Had Tebow not been drafted so high, he wouldn’t have all of this weight on his shoulders. The problem now is that people in Denver have been expecting this era’s John Elway to emerge in Tebow, and that was never in the cards. Wherever he goes next, that onus probably won’t exist.

And the world will be a better place.