Pete Carroll is no ordinary NFL coach.

While he’s not quite crazy enough to attend rap concerts weeks prior to the start of the regular season, he does try to maintain a loose and relaxed attitude in the locker room by planning and executing some half-decent pranks on his players. Here’s one from his USC days, and here’s another from last summer.

Carroll’s latest victim: defensive lineman Raheem Brock, who was arrested after allegedly walking out on a bar bill earlier this summer in Philadelphia.

Here’s the breakdown from Carroll’s YouTube page. Based on the first line, I’m hoping that Carroll didn’t write it himself, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did…

Coach Pete Carroll was up to his trademark hi-jinks once again, this time by pranking Seahawks defensive end Raheem Brock during Friday morning’s team meeting. Police officers and hotel staffers were brought in to pull out Brock, under the alias “Dwayne Johnson,” for allegedly not paying a $3,000 hotel bill. After the police officers walked Brock out of the meeting, Carroll told the rest of the team about the prank — and Brock returned to a chorus of laughter.

Here’s how things went down…

Hat tip to ProFootballTalk (sorry for going after you earlier today!)