Terrell Owens is many things, and often all at the same time. He’s a cheerleader, he’s a man who dares to piss off supermodels, and he’s the pioneer of the driveway workout. He’s also a jerk.

Brutal honesty has been another constant character trait. So when we saw Owens running and doing some fancy footwork a few weeks ago, it was a remarkable recovery for a 37-year-old who had ACL surgery in April. But his self-proclaimed time line of a return by the second or third week of the regular season still sounded hopelessly optimistic.

Now it turns out that Owens was just doing something else he’s very, very good at: talking.

Since sitcom acting is a necessary component in any recovery from a serious football injury, Owens was on the set the USA Network’s Necessary Roughness on Wednesday and was inevitably asked about his NFL future. He modified his inhuman timetable, saying that although he’s progressing, he’s still “a couple months away.”

From The Associated Press:

“I’m still not 100 percent to be able to go to a team and contribute. When I get to the point to where I’m comfortable and able to run around, I’ll feel like those calls should be coming.”

Owens remains a tough mystery for 2011. Although he quickly points to his 983 yards in Cincinnati last year despite missing the final three games, 42 percent (412 yards) of that yardage came in three separate outbursts, while in the other nine games Owens managed a very mediocre 47.8 yards per game.

The worst case scenario in Owens’ new timetable has him ready to play by Week 7, which is actually beneficial. The chances of a team being in a dire injury situation and throwing Owens a lifeline are far greater in late October than they would have been during the first three weeks of the season.

Now Owens just needs to find a coach, GM, or owner who’s fascinated by athleticism, and is leading an upstart team during the first half of the season. Translation: if somehow the Raiders start winning, Getcha popcorn ready.