Vince Young might have tabbed the Dream Team label for his new squadron, but his first month in Philadelphia has been somewhat of a nightmare.

Young has struggled to get acclimated with the Eagles. He was supposed to back up Michael Vick, which is one of the best jobs in football considering how fragile Vick is. It was an ideal job for Young in particular, because he obviously has a similar playing style to Vick’s.

But because Young has taken more time than expected to catch on, there’s word out of Philly that he might currently be third on the team’s quarterback depth chart, with 24-year-old Northwestern product and 2010 fourth-round pick Mike Kafka wedged in between Young and Vick in the preseason hierarchy.

Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Daily News is “concerned about [Young's] readiness to replace Vick anytime in the near future. He’s had more downs than ups, both on the practice field and in the Eagles’ first two preseason games.”

Kafka doesn’t have Vick’s legs or arm, but he knows the offense. At this point that might be more important, especially for a backup. And that’s why he’s probably edging Young on the depth chart.

This shouldn’t be surprising. Young has never been known for his cognitive ability. I’m not staying he’s stupid, but I don’t think he’s very smart. And he’s trying to absorb a complicated system with tricky terminology in a matter of weeks, not months. So the Eagles had better hope that Vick stays healthy early, because it’s looking increasingly likely that Young won’t be ready to properly take snaps in his place in the immediate future.