• Panthers owner Jerry Richardson likes his players to be clean and tattoo free, and he indirectly forbid first overall pick Cam Newton from getting any ink during a pre-draft conversation. Tauntr has discovered Richardson’s hidden tattoos, including sexy nurse Garfield.
  • More gold from Tauntr: the Colts’ offensive line is concerned about Kerry Collinsunorthodox snap counts.
  • Mike Freeman sounds his doomsday siren and joins those who are huddled under their desks waiting for Peyton Manning‘s career to be shortened by this neck injury.
  • Newton has been a living, breathing embodiment of the mobile college quarterback during his three preseason games, running well and running often, and throwing poorly. He’s pissed about it too.
  • It’s August 26th, and Bengals fans are already penciling in Andrew Luck under center for next year in their nervous letters to bloggers.
  • Step off that ledge, Cincinnati, because at least Andy Dalton outplayed Newton. That’s progress, right?
  • There are few circumstances in which the word “volatile” is positive. That’s the word being used to describe the contract negotiations between the 49ers and disgruntled running back Frank Gore, with the two sides scheduled to have their next meeting on Monday.
  • Eventually NFL teams will develop temporary memory chips containing the playbook to install in their players’ heads each year. For now, the iPad will suffice.
  • After the capped Steelers handed out $138 million to either retain or extend key players following the lockout, Troy Polamalu will have to wait until the offseason to get his next contract.
  • The problem of course is that Polamalu’s playing style is what’s made him such a unique threat in the Steelers secondary, but it’s also led to injuries and durability concerns for a player who isn’t exactly a young buck anymore. Still, there’s no doubt in Bill Cowher’s mind that Polamalu will retire as a Steeler.
  • The real Leodis McKelvin needs to stand up this year in Buffalo.
  • The Bears are replacing the grass at Soldier Field with more grass.

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