But don’t worry, they were good tears. These tears were filled with joy, love, and visions of a long and happy future.

This video began setting the Interwebs ablaze yesterday, but with their dogged investigative work Larry Brown Sports updated their post and revealed the identity of the young, star-struck Rams fan. Her name is Carly Triggs, and she’s been a Bradford fan since his days at Oklahoma.

She was quite eager to tell the world about her life-changing experience Friday night after the Rams beat Kansas City, tweeting her love for Bradford.

“Sam Bradford I love you so much. Thanks for being amazing.”

“Completely in shock from what happened last night. I cry everytime I think about it.”

Imagine what would have happened if she was actually able to meet Bradford, or stand within 100 feet of him. We’re pretty sure she’d lose the ability to speak.