I hate it when this happens. Always remember to check your bag in the morning, Darnell.

Mike Freeman reports that the league isn’t laughing at Dockett’s latest series of Tweets and isn’t amused with his observations about Arizona State gun laws, even though there’s a good chance Dockett is joking, because that’s what Dockett does. This is the same chronic tweeter who documented his run-in with some state troopers in real-time. Joke or not, Dockett is an absolute moron.

Arenas is lucky to still be employed as an NBA basketball player after he carelessly brought a gun into the Washington Wizards locker room to play some sort of Texas stand-off game with then teammate Javaris Crittenton. Oh, and that Crittenton character is in the news again now. He could spend the rest of his life behind bars after being charged with murder.

We like Dockett because it’s always fun and refreshing when any athlete feels free to speak his mind and express his personality. As fans we love this, and as members of the media we love it even more, so it’s mildly contradictory to slap a player’s wrist when the boundaries of good taste are crossed.

But Dockett didn’t just cross that boundary, he flew by it going 100 miles an hour. Let’s ask Plaxico Burress if gun possession is a casual, laughing matter.