• ‘Tis the season for contract extensions, and talk about contract extensions. Yesterday’s trending topic was Drew Brees and his status as likely the next quarterback to get paid. Today we turn our attention to Matt Forte, the Chicago running back who’s reportedly been given an offer with roughly $15 million in guaranteed money.
  • Mark Clayton has returned to St. Louis, where he adds to a group of promising young receivers. However, he could start his second season with the Rams on the PUP list as his recovery from a torn patellar tendon continues.
  • We’re in the heart of fantasy draft season now, and although I understand the concern about Peyton Manning‘s neck, I very much look forward to crushing my opponents in a league that let him drop to the sixth round last night. When it comes to the running back debate, Adrian Peterson should be the clear first overall pick, not Arian Foster.
  • If the Houston Chronicle’s John McClain plays fantasy football he’s taking Foster with that top pick. McClain has observed Foster’s limp fade as he walks around the team facility, and says he’s been jogging during practice.
  • Teddy Bruschi thinks that the white stuff on the MRI of Foster’s hamstring–better known as “anti-awesomeness”–will be a clear target for defenders.
  • Chris Johnson is pretty damn good at running and catching and stuff. But is he really worth the money Tennessee is likely about to give him?
  • Phin Phanatic has come up with three reasons why the Dolphins will be competitive this year, which is at least two more than we expected.
  • While most normal pigskin fans will be watching the opening night of college football tonight, the truly NFL addicted will obsess over the final night of meaningless preseason action (*hangs head in shame*). But don’t worry, because Matt Bowen of the National Football Post says there actually is something meaningful to watch in tonight’s games.
  • Total Steelers would like you to stop the insanity and give Ben Roethlisberger the respect he deserves in your arbitrary quarterback rankings.
  • We understand there’s a whole world out there beyond football, and sports for that matter. But a large segment of the population will want to focus on football and only football during President Obama’s congressional address next Thursday.
  • Maybe I’m wrong though, and maybe even with the football mad public starved for a game with meaning after an offseason of doom, people will still realize that it’s just a game. Kind of like the Jets did during their visit to Ground Zero.

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