When two people are torn from a relationship due to circumstances far beyond their control the eternal flame of love may become weaker, but the embers still linger, waiting to be rekindled.

There just aren’t too many loving couples torn apart by Bill Belichick. If there is some sort of pandemic that we’re not aware of, then Belichick’s Jedi powers far exceed anything we ever imagined.

But at one time there were two New England lovers who dressed in their Patriots best every Sunday or Monday, or sometimes Thursday (and maybe even a rare Saturday) from September until February-ish. Randy Moss was the neighborhood rebel who caught the eye of the young Tom Brady, and the two played catch pleasantly in their quaint little Foxborough backyard. They were together for parts of four seasons, with their love severed in 2008 because of Brady’s opening week knee injury, and then that flame was finally snuffed last year when the sinister Belichick would not tolerate their union any longer, and banished Moss to some foreign land referred to as Minnesota.

Moss has now retired, ending a career mired by petulance. However, like so many football retirements, there’s always widespread speculation that Moss’ could be brief. Kerry Collins’ post-football hiatus lasted only a few weeks, and earlier today Brady told WEEI in Boston that if Moss was sprinting towards him with that forlorn, lost look on his face usually reserved for stranded penguins, his arms would be wide open.

“Would it surprise me? You never know in the NFL. I talked to Randy just before the start of training camp. I love Randy. He’s one of the greatest wide receivers in the history of the game, one of the greater players I’ve ever had the chance to play with.

“Unfortunately, I don’t make personnel decisions. If I did, I’d still have all my friends here — Troy [Brown], David Patten, Deion [Branch] never would have left. I’ve seen so many guys move on, then guys come back. Who knows? You never know what situation we’ll be in here next week, for that matter.

“I can’t get into [Moss's] brain at all. I love the guy. He’s a great friend of mine. If he ever did have the opportunity to come back, I’d certainly welcome it with open arms.”

Brady is just musing about a possibility, a common daydream for torn lovers. But let’s shoot this one down immediately before it percolates for too long around the Interwebs.

The reason Moss left is the same as the reason why he won’t return to New England. His rapid decline accelerated the process that saw him get phased out of New England’s offence. Much is often made of Moss’ behavioral problems, and while that was a clear factor, Belichick has demonstrated many times that to some degree he can tolerate immaturity. If petulance and production come in equal parts, the Force remains calm as the Patriot ruler looks on.

For Moss, that balance has long since been destroyed, a path that Belichick envisioned when he drafted Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski, making a new mold for his Moss-less offence. New England already has an old, declining, and vocal wide receiver to be the 2011 version of Moss who answers to the name Chad Ochocinco, with veterans Deion Branch and Wes Welker also commanding sizable roles at the position.

Moss would block or at least slow the development of emerging second-year wideout Taylor Price, meaning if he did return it could only be in a lesser capacity.

But hey, who are we to deprive Brady and Moss of their reunion. Just keep Moss away from any young, delicate minds in the locker room.

Oh, and the catering.