• It’s a war of words, or rather a war about words between Mark Lepselter–Tiki Barber‘s agent –and Sports Illustrated’s Peter King. Lepselter told King that he’s “flabbergasted” after Barber wasn’t at least given an opportunity during training camp. King added the word “devastated” in his own commentary on the matter, which irked Lepselter. We’re flabbergasted that Lepselter and Barber are flabbergasted, and that any 36-year-old running back who’s been out of the league for five years thinks he has a realistic chance to claim a roster spot.
  • The Vikings signed linebacker Chad Greenway to a five-year contract extension worth $41 million, $20 million of which is guaranteed.
  • This week’s game is the biggest game in Rex Ryan’s career, until next week’s game.
  • Ryan also said that his fascination with female feet is still a “personal matter” and will not be discussed publicly, unless his brother is doing the talking.
  • It’s now nearly certain that Osi Umenyiora will miss the Giants’ season-opener this week against Washington.
  • On the opposite coast, the Seahawks received good news regarding the injury status of offensive tackle Russell Okung.
  • Mike Shanahan named Rex Grossman the Redskins’ Week 1 starting quarterback, and Grossman’s teammates were quick to toe the company line and praise their newly-appointed offensive leader.
  • Hogs Haven reminds us that the Redskins weren’t exactly picking between Johnny Unitas and Akili Smith. Barring a preseason nosedive by Grossman, the QB competition in Washington was little more than Shanahan’s trickery with the media.
  • The Bears aren’t negotiating with Lance Briggs. They’re not doing it today, tomorrow, next week, or any time in the next three years.
  • Ryan Grant and James Starks will have an even time-share during Green bay’s season-opener Thursday against New Orleans, which will likely be a familiar weekly game plan until one running back emerges.
  • Matt Cassel is a quick healer, and said he’s fine and ready to go after suffering a rib injury in Kansas City’s preseason finale.
  • That’s good, because behind Cassel on the Chiefs’ depth chart sits Tyler Palko. Who the hell is Tyler Palko? I wouldn’t ask that question if I wasn’t about to link to something that provides an answer.

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