A shady report out of Indianapolis suggests that Peyton Manning’s season could be over.

Jake Query of 1260 WDNE in Indy was told by two sources that Manning underwent a third neck procedure on either Sunday or Monday and is out for the season. Query’s tweets display significantly more faith than his words on the air, which are riddled with tentativeness. Listen for yourself:

It wouldn’t surprise us at all if this were true. Based on the team’s decision to issue a press release so early in the week and Manning’s decision to do the same today, you get the feeling he’ll miss an extended period of time. And although the local radio host reporting this development isn’t exactly a big name in the world of newsbreaking, it would be typical of a tight-lipped, media-unfriendly team like the Colts to let such news get out to a local media personality before anyone else.

It’s beginning to look like Peyton Manning won’t be playing football for quite some time.

UPDATE: Sports Illustrated’s Peter King says via Twitter that Manning has yet to undergo another surgery but he and the team are considering that option.