• “If I can be honest with you, I’ve spoken to several lifelong Redskins fans who are so distraught about your ownership that they say the only way to save the team is for you to sell it or even die.”…that’s New York Times reporter Andrew Goldman talking to Dan Snyder, and it’s the best lead-in to the best question in one of the best interviews.
  • It’s easy to get lost in the euphoria after an absolutely magnificent opening game last night. But if you’re a member of Who Dat Nation–or whatever the kids are calling it these days–be very aware that the Saints have a lot of work to do on the defensive side of the ball.
  • But there’s another far more disturbing problem in New Orleans: the Superdome is covered in mold.
  • In a Men’s Journal interview set to be published next week, Plaxico Burress blasts his former Giants coach Tom Coughlin, among others. Burress says Coughlin didn’t provide any support after his arrest and imprisonment.
  • It just never ends for the Giants. The latest key player to land on the injury report is defensive captain Justin Tuck, with coordinator Perry Fewell telling the New York Daily News that it’ll be “a bonus” if Tuck plays Sunday against the Redskins because of his neck injury.
  • Peyton Manning seemed bulletproof before the axe possibly dropped on his season yesterday. Remember just over a month ago when he signed that shiny new lucrative contract? He did it without even taking a physical.
  • SB Nation’s medical guru Ali Mohamadi has an excellent breakdown of Manning’s injury, and the factors leading to his lengthy absence that will now see him miss months, not weeks.
  • When will fans and/or local garage bands stop making incredibly painful team songs?
  • The Steelers have a long-standing policy of cutting off contract negotiations at the beginning of the regular season. That leaves two days to get Troy Polamalu‘s contract extension done, although Jason La Canfora reports that significant progress has been made, and the organization may make a rare exception and allow talks to continue past Sunday.
  • Albert Haynesworth says he’s no longer a lazy sleeping giant.
  • Tiki Barber‘s girlfriend has accomplished something that her football castoff and pregnant wife-ditching boy toy couldn’t do all summer. She’s made people really, really want to look at her. Now I guess if Barber wants us to pay attention to him he should dress in lingerie and pose for Maxim.

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