• Now there’s a fine picture to take in between sips of your Monday morning coffee. Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola dislocated his left elbow during St. Louis’ loss to Philadelphia yesterday, and he could be done for the season. Sam Bradford has already lost a key receiver, and Turf Show Times says that with Mark Clayton still stashed on the PUP list, the in-house options to replace Amendola are limited. We knew it would only take one major injury for the Randy Moss unretirement talk to pick up
  • That wasn’t the only hit the Rams took, as a young offense primed to mature and win a weak division saw Bradford leave in Week 1 with “some kind of nerve issue” along with Steven Jackson, who will have an MRI on his quad today.
  • Firing just one of the many salvos across Tony Romo‘s bow today, Mike Freeman of CBS Sports thinks that cats are now jealous of the amount of lives we’ve given the Cowboys quarterback.
  • At least Romo is taking the blame for Dallas’ fourth quarter meltdown in New York last night. The first step is denial, and the next 11 involve not fumbling in the final minutes or throwing interceptions against double coverage.
  • Dolphins first-round pick Mike Pouncey gets to make his NFL regular season debut tonight against Vince Wilfork and Albert Haynesworth. Welcome to the show, kid.
  • Jon Beason signed a $50 million contract extension to stay in Carolina for the next five years in late July. Now the Pro Bowl linebacker’s 2011 season may be over after just one game following a torn Achillies tendon.
  • Nate Dunlevy of 18 to 88 thinks the only shocking aspect of the Colts’ 34-7 loss to Houston is how shocked Indianapolis fans are at the outcome.
  • Donovan McNabb threw for just 39 yards Sunday against the Chargers. No, that’s not a typo, and at that pace it would take McNabb nearly 11 weeks to match Cam Newton‘s yardage in his first NFL regular season game. Naturally, Eagles fans are filled with glee.
  • The Dez Bryant quandary continues for the Cowboys. His explosive speed makes him an ideal and highly effective punt returner, but returning punts has become the root of the nagging injuries that strip him of that explosiveness.
  • What’s telling about the Cowboys’ continued dysfunction is the quote from Bryant in both the link above and highlighted in the Forth Worth Star-Telegram. Bryant understands the injury risk involved in returning punts, but says he enjoys doing it. That’s wonderful, but it’s also irrelevant, because the coaching staff is paid to decide how and where he’s used, or at least that’s how it works for most teams. In Dallas, King Jerry makes the call, and even the players know it.

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