• The Daily Norseman discovered two remarkable and amusing facts about Donovan McNabb‘s putrid passing performance Sunday. There are seven games in Vikings history that ended with a lower passing yardage than McNabb’s 39 yards, and somehow during those games Minnesota’s record is 5-2.
  • Denver has a problem, and the answer is probably more cowbell, but not more Tim Tebow. Never has a third-string quarterback drawn so much fan attention despite proving little on an NFL field. Every bad throw by Kyle Orton, and certainly every bad game still ends in calls for a Tebow sighting in Denver.
  • Broncos head coach John Fox ignored the inevitable Tebow question after last night’s loss to Oakland. Given the team’s cornucopia of other problems, Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post says that yanking Orton one game into the season would be like “spray-painting a fire.”
  • For Oakland, the victory was an ember of hope.
  • There could be some minor hand-slapping for coaches who contacted players during the lockout.
  • Marshall Faulk is rather familiar with what it takes to be successful as a running back in Mike Martz‘s offense, and thinks that Matt Forte has the same tools for success and should be paid accordingly by the Bears.
  • It was kind of a big week for passing and kick returning in the NFL. One might say it was historic.
  • Tom Brady‘s video game-like stat line will receive all the attention this morning, but the Patriots suffered a key injury on their offensive line when center Dan Koppen broke his ankle during the second quarter of last night’s win over Miami. There’s no timetable for his return, and he could be lost for the season.
  • The Steelers also lost a key veteran on their offensive line in the opening week, with Willie Colon now out indefinitely with a triceps injury. He’ll likely be replaced by a combination of Jonathan Scott and Marcus Gilbert.
  • Pittsburgh rushed to sign Colon to a $29 million contract when free agency began in late July, a puzzling move that now makes Total Steelers sad, angry, depressed, and confused.
  • And in a week when ligaments, muscles, and other assorted body parts just won’t stop tearing, Falcons defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux has a partially torn MCL.

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