Week 2 GLS Rankings

The Ravens have legs! ... in our power rankings. They move up six spots after a massive win over Pittsburgh.

1. Green Bay Packers (1-0, 1st last week): Obvious Super Bowl favorite if they stay healthy. Defensive numbers weren’t impressive against the Saints, but it was the Saints…

2. Philadelphia Eagles (1-0, 2nd last week): Michael Vick completed just 44 percent of his passes but they still beat a playoff-worthy team, on the road, by 18 points.

3. New England Patriots (1-0, 4th last week): Still a little concerned about the pass defense, but it might not matter if the offense keeps clicking like it did in Miami.

4. New Orleans Saints (0-1, 7th last week): Ran into the wrong team at the wrong time in Week 1, but this is another team that can still win the Super Bowl despite a so-so defense. One thing they’ll have to do? Force more turnovers.

5. San Diego Chargers (1-0, 6th last week): The pieces are clearly in place for a playoff run. But why do I get the feeling they’ll blow it?

6. Baltimore Ravens (1-0, 12th last week): Has it been mentioned that the Ravens forced seven turnovers in their blowout victory against their greatest rival? This had to be one of the most enjoyable weeks Ravens fans have had since late-January, 2001.

7. Houston Texans (1-0, 9th last week): Hard to get a beat on how good the new-look defense is against such a disaster of an opponent. But the offense was wicked despite the lack of 2010 leading rusher Arian Foster.

8. Chicago Bears (1-0, 15th last week): Last year, we kept saying that Jay Cutler was taking too many sacks, and Chicago ended up in the NFC championship game despite surrendering 56 of ‘em. They again allowed too many sacks in this year’s opener, but they crushed a very good Falcons team anyway. I’m done talking about Chicago’s offensive line.

9. Detroit Lions (1-0, 14th last week): They made mistakes, but what’s impressive is that they were able to win despite those miscues … and against a very good  team, on the road. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Chicago and Detroit fighting for a wild-card spot in December.

10. New York Jets (1-0, 10th last week): If not for Tony Romo’s meltdown, they lose to a so-so Dallas team at home and in prime time to start the year. I’m not too impressed.

11. Atlanta Falcons (0-1, 3rd last week): Dunta Robinson is becoming a tremendous bust considering how much they paid him last offseason. I’m concerned about the defensive backfield.

12. Pittsburgh Steelers (0-1, 5th last week): I refuse to start believing that they’re on the decline based on one terrible performance, but — man! — that was one terrible performance…

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-1, 8th last week): LeGarrette Blount — the most dangerous unarmed man in Tampa — had five carries in the loss to Detroit. Raheem Morris should make sure that never, ever happens again.

14. Buffalo Bills (1-0, 23rd last week): The Chiefs were a trainwreck throughout that game, as was the case throughout the preseason. But hopefully Buffalo walked away with a jolt in the confidence department. Bigger tests come with Oakland and New England waiting.

15. St. Louis Rams (0-1, 13th last week): Suddenly, everyone’s hurt. On the bright side, that’s also the case with their next opponent, the Giants.

16. Washington Redskins (1-0, 24th last week): The breakout defense of 2011 resides in Landover, Maryland.

17. Oakland Raiders (1-0, 20th last week): After this week, either the Bills or the Raiders will be 2-0. #Scary

18. Dallas Cowboys (0-1, 16th last week): That was a fairly impressive performance considering the injuries they were dealing with on defense and the offensive line. Plus, you have to wonder what would’ve happened had Dez Bryant remained in the game. Dallas is tired of ifs and buts.

19. Miami Dolphins (0-1, 17th last week): Not an ideal start for new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, but what really baffled me was how poorly the defense played. On paper, they’re way better than that.

20. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-0, 19th last week): Significantly more consistent than the Titans. Still not a playoff team.

21. Tennessee Titans (0-1, 21st last week): Significantly more explosive than the Jaguars. Still not a playoff team.

22. Kansas City Chiefs (0-1, 11th last week): Jamaal Charles would have to perform a miracle in order for the Chiefs to recover from what’s happened to them. And although some of it has been bad luck, Todd Haley’s time in KC may be running out.

23. New York Giants (0-1, 22nd last week): Last week, I suggested they might finish last in the NFC East. This week, I’m not suggesting it. I’m stating it.

24. Indianapolis Colts (0-1, 18th last week): With Peyton Manning, they’re a borderline playoff team. Without him, they’re a team in line to land a top-10 draft pick. It’ll get better, but not a lot better.

25. Minnesota Vikings (0-1, 25th last week): The rest of the division kicked ass in Week 1. Pretty soon, it’ll simply make sense to give Christian Ponder a try.

26. Arizona Cardinals (1-0, 28th last week): The defense will get better as the season wears on, but they’ll be ascending from rock bottom. How do you let Cam Newton do that to you in his first career start?

27. San Francisco 49ers (1-0, 29th last week): Special teams are important, but obviously Ted Ginn won’t be pulling rabbits out of his hat like that throughout the year. Eventually, they’ll have to beat teams with good throwing and catching and running and tackling. Go figure.

28. Denver Broncos (0-1, 26th last week): Kyle Orton is one of the best players on the roster, and that was the case last night as well. Orton, Brandon Lloyd, Elvis Dumervil and Champ Bailey are great players, but they’re surrounded by crap.

29. Carolina Panthers (0-1, 31st last week): Mirage in Week 1. Wait till they face someone half-decent. And now they’ll have to do so without Jon Beason.

30. Seattle Seahawks (0-1, 27th last week): There’s the completely useless running game I remember so fondly!

31. Cincinnati Bengals (1-0, 32nd last week): An unbeaten team in the 31st spot. You’ve gotta be real bad…

32. Cleveland Browns (0-1, 30th last week): It’ll take some time to adjust, Browns fans. But at least you’re used to this feeling.