Our faithful readers–both of you–know that usually when we use the “What the Hell?” tag on a post, what follows is a fun, often irreverent and silly diversion. This is the space where we tell you about the latest in Troy Polamalu voodoo dolls, and about a rare bad football promotion involving beer.

Today that tag is meant to be read with sincere anger.

Tailgating before, during, and after NFL games is pretty much a national pastime done every Sunday across America, and a small part of that tradition is ridiculing the opposition in some playful, creative, and usually harmless way. The picture above is one fan’s idea of a playful taunt towards the Titans.

It’s a skeleton wearing a torn and tattered Steve McNair jersey prior to Tennessee’s loss to the Jaguars in Jacksonville on Sunday. McNair of course is the former Titans quarterback who was shot and killed by his mistress in July of 2009. This isn’t even remotely funny, and it gives me chills to think that there’s someone who saw humor in ripping apart a McNair jersey, or that anyone walked by the display and laughed, especially on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

The picture was passed along by OutKickTheCoverage.com earlier today.

The picture, which arrives via email from a reputable source, included these details: “A very close friend who lives in Jacksonville that is a big Jaguars fan took the photo Sunday before the game. He asked me who #9 belonged to. When I replied he apologized for the classless Jag fans.”

The fan behind this remains unnamed, and ProFootballTalk suggests that if by chance they’re found and are season ticket holders, they should be stripped of those tickets. All it takes is one moronic mind to swiftly paint an entire fan base with the idiot brush, but let’s avoid that. This is a single twisted, lost soul, or maybe a small group of them.

And yes, by publishing this we’re accelerating the viral snowball and allowing more people to view their idiocy. We’re aware of this. However, some despicable acts are so incredibly disgusting that the scrutiny and shame brought on by the public eye is required.

This is one of them.