This man is suffering from dehydration.

Tom Brady knows the keys to winning at home. Play with confidence, play with aggression, and play in front of a crowd that’s consumed alcohol for an entire day.

Patriots back off Brady’s “Start Drinking Early” comment:

Yes, a 4:15 p.m. start does indeed provide some quality brown bottle time, and Brady knows the value of mixing adrenaline with testosterone and alcohol.

But wait, he didn’t actually mean that. He didn’t mean that at all. You see, Brady was just looking out for the well-being of Patriots fans who plan to attend the team’s home-opener this Sunday against San Diego during what’s forecasted to be a balmy 66 degree day in Foxborough. In that severe heat, the body needs constant fluids.

My Fox Boston set the record straight:

A Patriots spokesman said later that Brady meant that the fans should stay hydrated, drink water and drink responsibly.

Please Patriots fans, if you love and respect your franchise quarterback you’ll arrive thoroughly hydrated this week.

Thanks for the drinking advice, Sportress of Blogitude.