We’re still alive, which is something a lot of people can’t say after a wild Week 1 in terms of survivor pools. Those who thought they had sure things in Cleveland and Kansas City were screwed by the Bengals and Bills. But the Cardinals survived a strong effort from Carolina and got us to Week 2.

The best part: We’ll likely never want/need to use Arizona again anyway.

Let’s take a look at Week 2′s biggest faves:

  • Steelers over Seahawks: Pittsburgh is a 14-point favorite at home.
  • Packers over Panthers: Green Bay is a 10-point favorite on the road.
  • Jets over Jaguars: New York is a 9-point favorite at home.
  • Lions over Chiefs: Detroit is an 8-point favorite at home.

And here’s a look at who’s playing the worst teams in the league (based on our Week 2 power rankings):

  • Colts over No. 32 Browns: Indy is actually an underdog at home. Verrrry risky.
  • No. 28 Broncos over No. 31 Bengals: Denver is a 3.5-point fave at home.
  • Steelers over No.30 Seahawks: Pittsburgh is also the week’s biggest fave.
  • Packers over No. 29 Panthers: And Green Bay is the second-biggest fave.
  • Cowboys over No. 27 49ers: In San Fran, this is a dangerous play.
  • Redskins over No.26 Cardinals: Washington is a 3.5-point fave at home.

The way I see it, we either burn one of last year’s Super Bowl teams or gamble on the Redskins. It would be quite bold to pick against┬áthe very team that we chose as our top lock last week. It’s tempting, but a little too risky for us. You probably can’t go wrong with either the Steelers or the Packers, but Cam Newton is a wild card and Green Bay is on the road.

Plus, Seattle has lost eight straight games in the Eastern time zone.

This week’s pick: Pittsburgh over Seattle.

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  1. Based on how KC finished the 2010 season, including the blowout at home in the playoffs… their 2011 Pre Season and Week 1 vs the Bills… couldnt we save 1 of the Superbowl teams and go with Detroit this week?

  2. I liked NYJ simply for the fact their playing at home and tend to play much better there than the road. Besides only real weapon for JAX is MJD, if Jets stop the run it will force them to throw, and with Revis and Cromartie I dont think JAX is going to win.

  3. I agree with Scott Hall, i would save the good teams and take the Lions as well.

  4. Take the Eagles, Andy Reid & the Eagles have the Falcons #. Vick is on artificial turf & that is his bread & butter.

    PS Too bad about Timmy but never ever, ever bet on Cleveland.

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