The Baltimore Ravens have wrapped up one of the league’s top defensive tackles for the next five years.

And it’ll only cost Baltimore $61 million over the next half-decade, with $40 million guaranteed. Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times reports that Ngata will receive all of that guaranteed money in the first two years of the deal, which is by all indications a record for a non-quarterback.

Ngata was signed just hours prior to the deadline for teams to ink their franchise players to long-term contracts.

Now, the freak-of-nature defensive tackle with an out-of-this-world combination of size and speed will be a Raven for the prime of his career. He’ll be 32 when the deal expires, but with all of that money up front Baltimore will have the ability to cut him loose if he begins to decline preemptively, which isn’t uncommon for big defensive linemen (see: Haynesworth, Albert).

But Ngata isn’t Haynesworth. He doesn’t have that kind of reputation, and I can’t see him coasting with a career deal under his belt. Ravens fans can expect to see even more of this in the next few years: