• In his recap of Monday night’s painful game Gagnon had the glorious video of Michael Boley nailing an innocent bystander with a point blank throw during his exuberance following a 65-yard touchdown run after a fumble recovery. It’s been about nine hours since the game ended, and somehow we still don’t know anything more about Boley’s victim. So this is your mission, GLS Nation: get to know the mysterious man in white like he’s your brother. Find out why he was standing there, find out if he hit on Boley’s girlfriend, and most importantly, find out why he’s wearing a backpack and out late on a school night.
  • Alright, now let’s move on to actual matters of consequence, like Peyton Manning showing up at a Colts practice (!!!).
  • Or the latest on Tony Romo, with Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett saying he doesn’t think there’s any reason Romo won’t be able to play next Monday night against Washington.
  • This one’s pretty important to fantasy owners and the sizable investment they made in Arian Foster, the Texans running back who pulled himself out of Houston’s win Sunday over Miami after aggravating his hamstring injury. A cake walk of a division has now developed for Houston, and Will Brinson of CBS Sports thinks Foster shouldn’t be playing until he’s fully healthy, or at the very least his role should be significantly reduced.
  • And it seems like that’s exactly the plan according to Texans coach Gary Kubiak.
  • Terrell Owens is reportedly in Korea for stem cell therapy.
  • Here’s how depressing being a football fan in Indianapolis has become. Over the past 24 hours a prominent local columnist has suggested that there’s “nothing to lose” by chasing Brett Favre, and now Jeff George says he’s ready and waiting for a phone call. George turns 44 in December.
  • It was initially reported that Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez would only be out up to two weeks due to a sprained MCL. Now that’s grown to four-to-six weeks.
  • Clinton Portis worked out for the Titans yesterday, which seems strange, weird, and likely meaningless.
  • Jack Del Rio successfully dodged the Blaine Gabbert question on Monday, but ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky thinks it’s a mistake if he doesn’t name a Week 3 starter by Wednesday at the latest.
  • Frustration is quickly mounting in Miami.
  • The Matt Hasselbeck/Tarvaris Jackson comparisons will continue all season for those poor, Seahawk supporting souls in the northwest, and it’ll be scored a decisive Week 2 victory for the new Titans QB.
  • For fans in Kansas City the road ahead looks bleak right now too, but more blowout losses and injuries will actually make offseason decisions much easier, at least in theory. Arrowhead Addict knows that’s a mirage, and that as fall turns into winter the Chiefs will become a complicated mess.
  • As part of their random Lions stats, Pride of Detroit notes that the Lions and Titans are the only two teams still waiting for their first kick return.

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  1. Looks like he dodged it to me, just got a glancing blow.

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