Oh man, it would’ve been farrrr too close for comfort had we gone with Washington last week, but all three of our top picks — Redskins, Steelers, Packers — won, so we’re still alive, and if you’ve been following us, so are you.

Our picks thus far:

Week 1: Cardinals over Panthers
Week 2: Steelers over Seahawks

Once again, we’ll consider the top favorites as well as the teams lucky enough to draw the league’s worst teams.

Week 3′s biggest faves:

  • Chargers over Chiefs: San Diego is a 14.5-point favorite at home.
  • Steelers over Colts: Pittsburgh is a 10.5-point favorite but we’ve already used them.
  • Patriots over Bills: New England is an 8.5-point favorite on the road.

Here’s who plays the league’s worst teams (based on our latest power rankings):

  • Chargers over No. 32 Chiefs: Obvious, but I’d rather not use San Diego this early.
  • Steelers over No. 31 Colts: Not usable.
  • Cardinals over No. 30 Seahawks: Seattle’s good at home, so this divisional matchup is way too dangerous.
  • Dolphins over No. 29 Browns: Cleveland is actually favored at home.
  • 49ers over No. 28 Bengals: Cincinnati is also favored at home. Jeez.
  • Jaguars over No. 27 Panthers: Carolina is also¬†favored at home. This is ridiculous. Not picking Blaine Gabbert.

I’m not confident in the Patriots on the road against a spunky Buffalo team, so if you don’t have San Diego or Pittsburgh available you could be in real trouble this week. Ten of the 16 games have spreads that are four points or less. I hate burning the Chargers this early, but they’re the only reasonable option in this spot.

This week’s pick: San Diego over Kansas City.

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  1. I’ve used Cardinals (Wk 1) and Lions (Wk 2). I really dont want to use SD or PIT yet, but was thinking of another team but agree with you that its crazy to think of picking another team due to the fact anything happen between the other match-ups.

    ATL would be good, but I prefer them to be used at home.
    TNS might be good, but never know what DEN team is going to show up.

    Im leaning on MIA only since I dont believe in CLE but hard to pick against a homer team thats favorite going in.

    Anyone else got any suggestions?

  2. Digging your SD pick. KC looks awful, and I think SD is out for murder after last week (if they make it on 4th down and Tolbert doesnt forget what a Running Back does, could be a different outcome). Ill have them on a big teaser of mine… so I hope we are both right.

    I hate suggesting a rookie in Week 3, but Carolina looks like a good option.

    Stay away from Atlanta. The line has trap written all over it. I think the boys at GLS might have to reconsider their stance on ATL.

  3. I thinking you are overlooking the Lions in their game against the Vikings – Viks have looked horrible – and well the Lions have looked, awesome!

  4. @Kim, I do agree with your comments. In GLS case, I would go with Lions but I’ve already used them so I may think of using CAR this week, to hopefully save the other good teams later in the week. Do or Die, I suppose.

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