Cedric Benson served jail time only days prior to Cincinnati’s first game against Cleveland, but he didn’t hear from commissioner Roger Goodell, which had many Bengals fans believing they were out of the woods.

Not so.

The league has swept in to suspend Benson three games, according to Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports. Fantasy owners don’t have to panic (yet) because Benson will play this week pending an appeal that will be heard on Tuesday, according to Silver.

What’s shocking about this is that Benson isn’t being punished for what he went to jail for (he already met with Goodell last summer in relation to the 2010 assault charge that landed him in the slammer in late August). Instead, he’s been suspended for an assault charge he’s facing stemming from an incident that took place in July … during┬áthe lockout.

No other player has been penalized by the league for bad behavior during the work stoppage. Kenny Britt and Aqib Talib went unscathed despite some fairly serious legal mishaps during that time period. So we’ll see if this gets messy or if Benson takes his medicine after what is likely to be a lost appeal.

If that happens, Benson’s fantasy owners will pay quite the price. Benson, who was off to a fast start in 2011, is slated to go up against the beatable Bills, Jaguars and Chiefs in Weeks 4, 5 and 6.

And yeah, it’s been quite the day in Cincinnati.