• First we had Packers police badges in Green Bay, and now here’s the Sheriff’s medallion…or something. Yep, only in Green Bay.
  • Sure, it’s easy to envision a cake walk for the Steelers this Sunday night in Indianapolis with Kerry Collins still struggling to lead a Colts offense that’s in disarray without Peyton Manning. But for one Steelers fan, the matchup and thoughts of an easy win bring back memories of Cody Carlson.
  • It’s been 26 years since the Bears won their only Super Bowl, which seems like the appropriate White House visit waiting period.
  • Never change, you law-breaking Bengals. Never change.
  • As expected, Philadelphia’s linebacker corps has been a major weakness. So as expected, some shuffling has taken place this week.
  • The Chargers are winning 91% of the time over the Chiefs in their Week 3 matchup according to game simulations done by Accuscore. So yes, Kansas City, they’re saying there’s a chance.
  • Pete Carroll remains optimistic about Sidney Rice‘s status for this week.
  • Deon Grant‘s left knee is smaller than his right one, and that alone was apparently enough to bring two Giants crashing to the ground in agony Monday night.
  • Tony Romo‘s fractured rib and punctured lung is no laughing matter. No seriously, don’t make him laugh. It hurts.
  • It’s heroic and inspirational to see the real-life Hollywood tale of the athlete who grimaces through pain, and triumphantly leads his team to victory as Romo did this past Sunday in San Francisco. But at what point does that become foolish and downright stupid when normal breathing isn’t possible?
  • Matt Forte has over half of Chicago’s combined offensive yardage during the first two weeks of the season, but the Bears still haven’t locked up their No. 1 running back, and he’s slated to enter free agency next March. That’s left Forte to draw some conclusions

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  1. Like the Packers badges, should suitably wind up the Bears fans.

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