• Ben Roethlisberger is still suffering from a personality disorder of some kind on the football field. The bad Ben nearly lost to a Colts team that had Peyton Manning sitting in the press box. The good Ben looked comfortable and poised, completing key passes during a game-winning drive.
  • There’s been criticism from Colts fans who insist there are far greater problems facing the team than the absence of Manning. 18 to 88 thinks last night’s game shows that those voices are blatantly wrong.
  • Even the NBC cameramen weren’t giving Curtis Painter much time in the pocket.
  • The Sunday Night Football crew mentioned Manning 26 times. The over/under of 12.5 we set for on-camera appearances still wasn’t met, so we win.
  • At some point today the Titans will do the final tests to satisfy themselves that Kenny Britt is done for the year, and they’ll likely make an official announcement. While this is clearly a massive loss for a team playing in a weak division with the exception of Houston, Music City Miracles sees it as an opportunity.
  • Antonio Cromartie reportedly has bruised lungs.
  • Chad Ochocinco regularly puts on a charismatic, energetic, and playful public face. But he still has pride, and it’s clear that his football self-image was wounded by his crucial drop yesterday in the fourth quarter.
  • The Bears almost pulled off an incredibly ridiculous trick play during the final minute of their loss to Green Bay.
  • Prior to game time yesterday reports surfaced stating that Antonio Gates‘ injury could be serious, and his plascia may be torn again.
  • While handing out my early game awards yesterday I became Chan Gailey‘s nagging grandmother, expressing confusion over his decision to defer the opening kickoff. There was likely some logic involved in Gailey’s decision, although I still maintain deferring is a move reserved for teams that are simply more talented and loaded offensively.
  • From Arrowhead Addict:

In my opinion the video [below] demonstrates Cassel’s problems as a QB. Watch as he is about to put the hat on his head. It is clear that he doesn’t know if he wants to wear it backwards or with the bill forward. His indecisiveness is apparent and what he ends up doing is just fumbling the hat.

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