• The Winklevoss twins are taking credit for Ryan Fitzpatrick‘s hot start. They were friends at Harvard, and the twins allegedly gave Fitzpatrick the idea to play quarterback really, really well.
  • Antonio Gates will see a foot specialist today, and the nagging pain in his right foot has forced Chargers beat reporters to ask some uncomfortable questions about the state of his career.
  • Micheal Vick has softened his stance on the referees and the lack of roughing the passer calls that go his way. Clearly he’s been reading GLS.
  • Never change, DeAngelo Hall. Never, ever change.
  • The Texans’ upcoming four-game stretch will show if they’re ready to do more than just hang with championship-caliber teams.
  • Eagles defensive coordinator Juan Castillo says linebacker Casey Matthews might have a nice view of Philly’s Week 4 game against San Francisco from the sidelines.
  • After a loss in which Matt Ryan was constantly pressured, Atlanta head coach Mike Smith hinted at potential changes to the Falcons’ offensive line. That sounds just peachy, but The Falcoholic thinks it’s an empty threat aimed at motivating the current starters, because there aren’t any backups with a realistic shot at taking over a starting spot.
  • If Joe Namath can still throw, Rex Ryan has a position open for him on the Jets’ quarterback depth chart.
  • Dolphins rookie running back Daniel Thomas has missed one game, but he still has 202 rushing yards and is averaging nearly five yards per carry. Even though the title is somewhat meaningless since Thomas has 41 carries to Reggie Bush’s 27, Tony Sparano‘s continued insistence that Bush is his “No. 1 running back” is the kind of decision that leads to unemployment.
  • It’s Tuesday morning, so maybe the jubilation and euphoria has died down in Buffalo a bit, but probably not. Here’s a downer that might help that cause: the Bills currently have just four healthy cornerbacks.
  • Phil Costa should spend the entire week falling asleep to a taped recording of Tony Romo‘s voice so that an opposing defensive line can’t fool him again. I can lend him my tape.

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