Weird. Local law enforcement seems to enjoy the Booty Lounge.

On Sundays men are generally thinking about two things: football and beer. However, there’s a third item that’s always percolating somewhere in that mental space.

Women, and preferably attractive ones. Or naked ones.

Men like to look at women. Yes, that’s a crude and truly shocking revelation, and as I type businesses everywhere are devising plans to capitalize on this newly discovered aspect of human nature. Perhaps companies will randomly use attractive women to sell products, or maybe female celebrities will even be paid to appear in advertising.

One Detroit business had an innovation that mixed women, beer, and football, and put it all on a bus. I’ll give you a moment to reassemble the scattered fragments of your brain.

The strip club that comes to you is called the Booty Lounge, and during the tailgating fiesta before Lions home games the pimped out bus parks in the Eastern Market where frequent guests are well aware of its presence. There’s just one minor problem: the law doesn’t take kindly to strip clubs on wheels. I can’t possibly imagine how scantily-clad women walking amongst children playing catch would be a problem.

A local Detroit TV station used a hidden camera to undercover the booties that were barely covered. The hard-hitting investigative report is obviously a little NSFW, but don’t worry, they blurred out the thighs.

(via Guyism)

Thanks for ruining everyone’s fun, WDIV. Those tattle-tales even went to the principal’s office–A.K.A Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick–who then promptly notified the local authorities. The Detroit police have now parked the Booty Lounge and will ensure that the next Lions home game is booty free, according to the Detroit Free Press.

So what was once presumably the lone happy place before and after a dreary Lions Sunday is no more. Judging by the picture above found on the Booty Lounge’s Facebook page the police were regular customers too, and maybe weren’t very eager to put the brakes on the bus.

But the police chief has spoken, with Ralph Godbee Jr. explaining to the Free Press that the Booty Lounge is indeed an illegal establishment.

“The same thing that would regulate that type of activity in a strip club would be applicable to that vehicle. We’re going to police it very aggressively through our investigation.

“I’m appalled at this kind of conduct because we have families and children around. We need to make sure these events are fan-friendly for children and their families.”

Don’t worry though, Lions fans. There are other options if you’re in search of skin in the Ford Field parking lot…