• These cheesehead wearin’ Packers fans really are everywhere. Thankfully, cooler cheeseheads prevailed, and the lord of death lost his foam during the final version of what became a controversial Green Bay billboard.
  • Adrian Peterson has become the league’s highest paid decoy.
  • Communication is a fundamental offensive skill, especially in the red zone. A Dolphins team severely lacking in fundamental skills that are easily coachable has repeatedly cited communication as the reason for getting field goals instead of touchdowns after advancing inside the opposition’s 20-yard line.
  • Lions rookie defensive lineman Nick Fairley is progressing in his recovery from a fractured foot, but it’s still unlikely that he’ll make his debut this week.
  • The buzz around LSU coach Les Miles is growing, and he could generate the same pursuit that Jim Harbaugh created last winter during the typical head coach hiring period. One executive told Mike Freeman of CBS Sports that he sees Miles as the next Jimmy Johnson in terms of his ability to handle the “21st century player.”
  • Miles’ potential offseason decision is complicated by the fact that a move to the NFL ends his one-on-one time with Erin Andrews.
  • Saints kicker Garrett Hartley will miss the rest of the season with a hip injury.
  • Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe and former Patriots tight end Jermaine Wiggins break down Tom Brady‘s third quarter interception that was intended for Chad Ochocinco this past weekend in a video segment called Inside the Playbook.
  • For nearly two months Ochocinco has been repeatedly described as a player who’s struggling to pick up the Patriots’ offense, but is studying and working hard. Musket Fire wonders how long it’ll take before Bill Belichick finally gets tired of Ocho’s slow learning curve.
  • Peyton Hillis seems to be on track to play this week after missing the Browns’ Week 3 win over Miami due to a bout with strep throat. Dawgpound Daily thinks this leads to a good problem for head coach Pat Shurmur as he tries to give second-year running back Montario Hardesty consistent touches behind a healthy Hillis.
  • Mark Sanchez is willing to break his nose every game if it leads to a win.
  • Would Chad Henne do that? For Jason Taylor it doesn’t matter, because he thinks Henne is more talented than Sanchez.
  • Hey look, we’ve had an Aaron Maybin sighting again, and he’s back in New York with the Jets. Neat.

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