• Ahh young puppy love. It seems Jay Cutler‘s time apart from Kristin Cavallari could last about as long as his pass protection.
  • Oh, and about that constant pocket pressure, Cutler admits it’s affecting his poise.
  • Members of the Broncos’ front office have once again felt compelled to state why Kyle Orton is still the team’s starting quarterback. But if the Broncos are, say, 1-4 heading into their Week 6 bye, the Tebow army could finally become too strong for John Elway and company to hold off.
  • Brad Pitt thinks the Steelers suck. Well, he didn’t say that directly, but Total Steelers applied some of the Moneyball principles to football and determined that Pitt doesn’t like the Steelers’ chances.
  • A little while back Cleveland Browns president Mike Holmgren said he was “trying like crazy” to get running back Peyton Hillis signed to a contract extension. He was probably just playing the part of the savvy executive and saying what the fans wanted to hear while executing a far different plan.
  • Jim Harbaugh has some medical advice for Michael Vick.
  • DeAngelo Hall did what DeAngelo Hall often does after the Redskins’ loss to the Cowboys Monday night. He criticized his coaches and looked like a selfish jerk. Now he says he was just frustrated and being “a little overzealous.”
  • Hall’s semi-apology for his words didn’t keep his teammates from being candid.
  • Like most Eagles fans, Inside the Iggles is rejoicing after the benching of Casey Matthews and Kurt Coleman.
  • Are the Chargers better without Antonio Gates? That’s crazy talk, right?
  • Chad Johnson (not Ochocinco) is still Hue Jackson’s son.

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